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Top 5 Black Businesses in Chatham

Chatham is a very strong community in Chicago, especially for middle class Black families who started to move into the Chatham neighborhoods in the 1950s and 1960s.  It is now the home of long standing Black owned businesses like, Lem’s Bar B Q,  Pride Cleaners and the delectable Dat Donuts.

Cultural contributors and icons like Gwendolyn Brooks, Chance the Rapper and Mahalia Jackson lived and loved Chatham.

Chatham is a neighborhood to be proud of with beautiful brick bungalows, manicure lawns and booming commercial corridors like Chicago’s Black Wallstreet make it special.

Come see what this great community has to offer by starting with these Top 5 Black Owned Businesses of the Chatham Neighborhood.

1. Brown Sugar Bakery

Inspired by her grandmother’s at-home bakery recipes, Stephanie Hart opened Brown Sugar Bakery in 2004, right here in Chicago on 75th & Calumet Ave. Since then, Hart has grown her business into one of the most popular bakeries in Chicago, taking home The Steve Harvey Show’s Best Bakery in America Award in 2013.

328 E 75th Street
Chicago, IL 60619

(773) 224-6262

2. Looks & Style

Looks & Style. REGGAE STYLE FASHION, JAMAICAN FOOD AND MORE! Also Look’s & Style Barbershop specializing in all the latest haircut styles and designs, braids, loc’s and natural hair! SHIPPING NOW AVAILABLE!
332 E 75th St Chicago, IL 60619
(773) 688-9067

3. Plus or Minus Optical

Plus or Minus Optical is in the eye care business to deliver excellent eye care services to all those who will patronize our services. We will also ensure that in the line of carrying out our duty, we comply with the laws and health regulations in Illinois and the United States of America.

314 East 75th Street,

Chicago, Illinois 60619,

(773) 420-3417

4. KMT Health Food Store

KMT Health Food Store is a health food store founded by Dr. Sheldon T. Ceaser M.D. to provide herbal remedies to the community to promote healing from the inside out.  This store is stocked with the best brands and is also within the same building as his medical practice where he focuses on the root problem of most ailments, which is stress.

 233 E 75th St, Chicago, IL 60619

(773) 224-7500

  5. Soul Veg City

Soul Veg City, which for years was known as Original Soul Vegetarian, has been a major destination on Chicago’s South Side for 40 years. We first opened under the name Soul Vegetarian in 1982, as part of the vision of Prince Asiel Bin Israel to bring a healthier diet and lifestyle to the world. From the beginning, we served heart healthy plant-based foods at a time when there was little awareness of the connection between food and disease.

Over the years, many of our chefs and other staff went on to create their own restaurants and food companies, and there are establishments following the Prince’s vision all over the US and the world, and Soul Veg, as it is affectionately known, has become a cornerstone of Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood.

201-209 EAST 75TH STREET


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