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The Black Mall in the media

Black business crawl celebrates National Black Business Month every Saturday in August

CHICAGO (WLS) — To mark the 26th anniversary of National Black Business Month in Illinois, TheBlackMall.com (TBM) will host Black business crawls every Saturday in August.

“2020 is a year of major change, making it an open portal for Black owned businesses to finally gain the spotlight,” said TBM CEO Cassiopeia Uhuru. “August is the perfect month to set the stage.”

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TheBlackMall.com to host weekend Black business crawls

TheBlackMall.com (TBM) will host Black business crawls every Saturday in August to mark the 26th anniversary of National Black Business Month in Illinois, an official recognition by the state of Illinois in honor of ancestor, Dr. Webb Evans covering five major areas.

“2020 is a year of major change, making it an open portal for Black owned businesses to finally gain the spotlight,” declared TBM CEO Cassiopeia Uhuru. “August is the perfect month to set the stage.”

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Business Owners Talk About Triumphs, Challenges As National Black Business Month Begins

CHICAGO (CBS) — August is National Black Business Month – a time to choose and support Black-owned stores and other operations.

On Saturday, Illinois state Rep. LaShawn Ford (D-Chicago) gathered business owners to tell the story of their triumphs and challenges.

They celebrated the legacy of Black entrepreneurs who worked hard to succeed and vowed to support each other.

But everyone in the group agreed there is a long road ahead.

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Buy Black! Local initiative aims to strengthen Black businesses

CHICAGO—The Black Mall is helping Black-owned businesses stay afloat by hosting the “Black Business Crawls” initiative every Saturday in August.

The Black Mall is an online directory that spotlights and supports Black-owned businesses across the country. Co-founder Cassiopeia Uhuru says Black-owned businesses need Black supporters more than ever.

“It’s perfect; we already know that Black businesses have been disenfranchised and hurt and of course this pandemic has put it over the top. Some of our businesses have had to close down permanently and we don’t need that,” Ms. Uhuru told The Final Call.  Read more…

Highlighting The Black Mall

Want to support lack-owned businesses? The Black Mall in Chatham makes it easy with over eighty African-American vendors. Felicia met with the owners and got the inside scoop on this one-stop shop. Take a look!

To find out more information and shop The Black mall, head to TheBlackMall.com

Black economics with a purpose: The Black Mall needs you now

The Black Mall, an online directory that features and promotes over 2,500 Black-owned businesses worldwide, is a potential goldmine for Black economics.

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Grand Opening of The Black Mall, Nov. 1-3

Come to a three-day grand opening event for The Black Mall store and support Black-owned business! Located at 533 E. 79th St. in the Chatham neighborhood, The Black Mall was co-founded by Cassiopeia Uhuru and Dre Meekins, seven years ago but recently moved to a larger space to accommodate its growing popularity.

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The Black Mall store grand opening

According to statistics, many Black consumers want to spend money with Black-owned businesses but don’t know where to find the businesses providing the products and services they seek. Theblackmall.com has a simple vision to change that. There aim is to connect Black consumers with Black businesses/products.

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A Conversation with Cassiopeia Uhuru, Co-Founder of The Black Mall

Cassiopeia Co-Founder of The Black Mall speaks on the importance spending the black dollar in the black community!

Click Here to listen to the podcast.

The Black Mall Expands To Larger Location on 79th Street

More than 50 black-owned businesses call The Black Mall home in Chatham.

The Black Mall Celebrates Black-Owned Businesses As Neighborhood Celebrities

The Black Mall, the online directory for black-owned businesses, honored companies over Memorial Day weekend in an effort to recognize their work and make them neighborhood celebrities.

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Everything You Need to Know About Black-Owned Business Directory ‘The Black Mall’

If you’re looking for a way to support black-owned business, The Black Mall(TBM) is the perfect solution. It is an online business directory that helps you find products and services from black-owned businesses across the nation. The mall was started as a means to offer support to both existing businesses and startups.

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Want To Support Black-Owned Businesses? The Black Mall In Chatham Makes It Easy

Founders of the The Black Mall, a directory of black-owned businesses, have opened up a new shop featuring goods made by black-owned businesses in the Boombox Chatham space at 532 E. 79th St. on the busy South Side corridor.

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The Black Mall to Host 5th Annual Juneteenth Celebration 2017 With Food, Family and Fun

The Black Mall is hosting their 5th Annual Juneteenth Celebration Saturday, June 17 at the Cultural Connection 360 located 400 W. 71st Street in the Englewood community. Started in Galveston, TX in 1865, Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States.

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Cassiopeia appeared on WCIU’s You & Me in the Morning, May of 2017.

This show is longer on the air and the video is no longer available 🙁

Celebrating unity, love and Kwanzaa

In celebration of Kwanzaa, artists of various talents, vendors, entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers collaborated for the final days of December and first day of January.

From 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Muhammad University of Islam, on the grounds of the headquarters of the Nation of Islam, was filled with hundreds of shoppers and vendors exploring businesses and talents as well as enjoying each other’s company.

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Cassiopeia from theblackmall.com schools us on Juneteenth

We spoke with Cassiopeia the co-founder of TheBlackMall.com as their 5 annual celebration of Juneteenth was help at Culture Connection in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. Cassiopeia took a moment and educated us on Juneteenth and gave us insight on TheBlackMall.com

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A weekend of Buying Black and Building Black!

The Chicago Justice Or Else! Local Organizing Committee put together a Saturday night of music, culture and capital at Salaam Restaurant. The evening at the Nation of Islam restaurant included music, song, hip hop and a buyers’ bazaar and food as part of the effort to Live Black, Be Black, Buy Black, Love Black in rebuilding the Black community. The Jan. 30 event allowed for a wide variety of often impromptu performances with a lively spirit of love and unity.

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Buy Black – TheBlackMall.com – Boycott Christmas

In support of the Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Justice or Else cause Boycott Christmas. Keep our money in our neighborhoods. “Buy Black” at TheBlackMall.com

The Black Mall and Cultural Connection 360 Host Juneteenth Celebration

The Black Mall and Cultural Connection 360 are celebrating the 150th anniversary of African Americans’ “Independence Day” otherwise known as “Juneteenth.” The day of remembrance is designed for the entire family at Culture Connection 360, 400 W. 71st St., on June 19 beginning at 4 p.m.

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#gIvebLack S2EP2: Case of Hustles w/ Cassiopeia “Case” Sledge (@theblackmall)

Episode Two of Give Black Season 2 features jack of all trades Cassiopeia “Case” Sledge of The Black Mall, Money Mob Kickback and Mae and Case, and how she use these ventures aware the community on Black Businesses, Pop Culture and News.