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Is she yo mama, yo sister, yo auntie, yo daughter, yo friend or yo girl? ⠀

She is the same CENTER of attention and EVERYBODY wants her there. With a clever tongue, quick wit and loads of fun. She is the person we all turn to for advice, help, and most of all LOVE!⠀

We know her as Mae, Sorors call her the Queen Bee, ONLY family call her Toya (don’t try it) but she was born the beautiful MaToya S. Marsh and you better capitalize that “T”.⠀

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Kiss Me I’m Afrikan

Black people LOVE a celebration, so we have the perfect way for your to celebrate with other cultures without forgetting your own. Get this well designed tee that showcases the beauty of Afrika for you, your family members and your friends.

Kiss Me Im Afrikan

Blackness Reside

F VDay

Momma’s Child

Daddy’s Girl

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