Make a donation to Build Black Economic Stability! (TBM) is a website dedicated to the awareness, growth, and success of Black-owned businesses throughout the African Diaspora.  TBM provides consumers with a directory of over 1,500 Black-owned businesses NATIONWIDE & an Online E-Commerce site that features dozens of Black owned products and constantly growing. Making it EASY to Buy Black!

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Fundraising Goal: $50,000

Funding Needs: $176,000

Funds Raised to date: $0


  • Increase Employment of Black people from the Black community, especially Youth

  • Increase awareness and development of Black owned business

  • Aid in the purchase Black manufactured products in BULK

  • Reduce crime in the Black community because of the increased employment

Funding breakdown

  • Create salaries for staff members

    • 2 admin $38,400 in total for the year ($10/hr)

    • 4 salesman $24,000 for the year ($125/wk)

    • 2 social media $19,200 for the year ($200/wk)

    • 2 graphic designers $9,600 for the year ($100/wk)

    • 1 videographer $4,800 for the year ($100/wk)

    • 1 PR intern $1200

    • 1 web maintenance $4,800 for the year ($100/wk)

    • Employee totals: $102,000

Funding breakdown

  • Creation of APP!

    • $5,000

  • Advertising budget for a year

    • flyers

    • biz cards

    • facebook ads

    • google ads

    • email marketing ads

    • radio ads quarterly

    • Advertising total $10,000

  • Travel and establish offices in top 5 concentrated Black cities

    • $59,000

Thank you for continuing to build with 🙂

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