About Us

We define community as people who are held together by common self-interest and how they spend their money. The end effect of all community must be group self-sufficiency. Even though geographic boundaries generally are a primary indicator of community, we believe that common self-interest and economic inter-dependence are the real factors that define authentic community.

In the Black (of African descent) community unemployment is at least 2x the national level (the official estimate is about 16.7%, but the real rate is closer to 30%). Black-owned businesses are 85% more likely to hire Black employees than non-Black-owned businesses. So the most efficient use of our consumer dollars to develop the Black community, increase Black employment and increase Black wealth is to support Black-owned businesses.

TheBlackMall.com is an online business directory and marketplace that connects the Black community with Black owned businesses and products throughout the nation. Through our collective efforts we will contribute to the uplift and unity of the Black community.We also cater to Black businesses that don’t have brick and mortar locations by hosting Ujamaa Markets (vendor, trade shows) where we provide a space for Black vendors to expose and sell their goods and services to a targeted audience.TBM is a GREAT platform to advertise your Black owned business, organization, product/service or YOURSELF. We have a subscriber list of over 100k via our email clientele, social media and website traffic.TheBlackMall.com… Making it EASY to Buy Black!

TheBlackMall.com was founded by Cassiopeia & DJ in 2011.